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Patient Testimonials

Below are patient testimonials from actual patients of Digestive Specialists. Read the short paragraphs below, and click on the links to find out more information about the experience of each patient with Digestive Specialists.

Amy (Ulcerative Colitis) Amy was experiencing some fatigue and digestive issues that caused multiple trips to the hospital over the course of a couple of years. She was put on steroids, however, no improvement was seen. After a friend recommended Digestive Specialists, they found the root of the issue, and were able to address it, leaving her healthy and re-energized. Watch her story here.


Stephanie (Excessive Polyps on Colon) Stephanie was rushed to the hospital with excessive polyps on her colon. Watch Stephanie's and Jonele's stories here.




Jonele (Crohn's Disease) Jonele has had Crohn's Disease for over 15 years. Watch Stephanie's and Jonele's stories here. Digestive Specialists truly have saved both of their lives.




Denise (Colon Cancer) Denise came in for a routine colonoscopy, when doctors discovered she had colon cancer. As a health-conscious, active woman, she could not believe the news. However, from the moment her doctor informed her of the diagnosis, she was comforted in knowing that Digestive Specialists were in charge of her care. Watch Denise and Danita's stories here.


Danita (Colorectal Cancer) Danita was experiencing symptoms of bloating and nausea several years ago, and was instructed by Digestive Specialists to come in for a colonoscopy. Her doctor found a tumor, and diagnosed her with colorectal cancer. However, Danita was reassured that Digestive Specialists would be with her every step of the way. Watch Denise and Danita's stories here.


Teresa (Shortness of Breath) Teresa was experiencing shortness of breath. She needed some tests and imaging done, but did not have the extra money to spare. Thanks to Digestive Specialists, she was able to receive quality care at a low cost. Read her story here.