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Express Scheduling

Digestive Specialists offers Express Scheduling colonoscopies for patients who meet the Phone Explanation criteria below.

What is an Express Scheduling Colonoscopy and a Phone Explanation?

An Express Scheduling colonoscopy is a colonoscopy that does not require the patient to have an office or practice visit first. Instead of an office visit, patients schedule a Phone Explanation, which allows us to make sure we have your health history and provide you with instructions to prepare for your colonoscopy. During the Phone Explanation, we will schedule a date and time for your procedure.

What is the benefit of an Express Scheduling Colonoscopy?

Patients save time by eliminating an additional office visit. If the patient has a co-pay, then Express Scheduling reduces their out-of-pocket cost.

Who qualifies for an Express Scheduling Colonoscopy?

Due to the elimination of the office or practice visit prior to the colonoscopy, only certain patients meet the Express Scheduling criteria. Take the quiz below to determine if you qualify.

How do I schedule a Phone Explanation?

If you believe you qualify you would like to schedule a Phone Explanation rather than an office visit, either Request an Appointment online or call (937) 534-7330.

When you speak to an employee, please mention that you want to schedule a Phone Explanation for Colonoscopy.