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For Physicians

Physician Referral Process - For your convenience, you can refer online, by fax or by phone.

Online Referral

Our online paperless referral form is the fastest and easiest way to refer your patients to DSI and DECL. To access our online form, simply click the link below. Then fax your patient's records, labs and any other supporting documents to (937) 297-2203. Online Referral Form

Fax Referral

You can also print and fax a form, or you can call to make an appointment.

To print and fax:

1. Print the following form for a GI referral 1 Step Referral. To refer to Springboro Imaging, use the Imaging Referral form.

2. Complete the form

3. Send the form to us via the following methods:

Scan and Email to: 1stepincoming@digestivespecialists.com


Fax to: (937) 293-8772

Phone Referral

You may also schedule your patient's visit over the phone, by calling our scheduling line at (937) 534-7330.